Unboxing: GOODIEBOX August 2016

Last month, I introduced you to the GOODIEBOX subscription service – a monthly beauty box that you get for 159 kr, but the value of the products will be 5-700 kr. As I said last month, this box is only avaliable in Denmark, but my readers from the rest of the world might enjoy my first impressions on the products. Continue reading “Unboxing: GOODIEBOX August 2016”

Flower Water Decals

Products sent to me for review

I’ve been given the opportunity to review these water decals from an online store called Nicole Diary.

The water decals work just like other water decals – you paint your nails a solid color (I almost always choose white), then you cut out the decals to the size and shape of your nail. You remove the protective film from the image, and soak it in water for 10-20 seconds. Then, you slide the image off the backing paper and place it on your nail. Cut off any excess decal and finish with a layer of top coat. A quick and easy way to get a nice, intricate manicure with minimal effort.

Flower decals 1Flower decals 2

In contrast to some of the decals I’ve tried previously, these are significantly thinner and more sheer. With some of the other decals, a quick, uneven coat of white polish underneath was enough, but with these, I’d definitely recommend taking some time to apply the polish and making it look neat, because it’s gonna show through. The advantage to the thinness is that if you didn’t cut it precisely to size or apply it crookedly, you can easily soak it off your skin/cuticle area with nail polish remover – something that would be considerably more time consuming with thicker decals. They also need less time in the water before they are ready to be peeled off, which is a definite plus.

When you apply them, you have a few tries to apply them right – it is not until you press them down on your nail that they stick. This is good for a straight application, but I did manage to pull them off before pressing them down, because they stuck to my tweezers, and I had to try again. That’s really a matter of practice, though.

You can buy them in their Amazon Store or their Aliexpress Store. These ones are number 30 (direct link). They have a big range of nail art items, water decals, stamping plates, pigment powder etc.

You can use the coupon code Na2016 – leave it in the order note and you will get a small gift with your order.

What do you guys think about water decals?

Friday Favorite: Wet n Wild CoverAll Concealer Palette


I talked about this color correcting palette in my Wet n Wild Haul and I mentioned how I was really impressed with it. Well, I’ve only become more impressed with it as time has passed. I have yet to really venture in to using the three other colors, but I’ve been loving the pink color. I use it to cover up the dark circles under my eyes, and it works wonders. It matches my skin tone almost exactly, so I don’t really have to put concealer or anything over it – this works as a concealer. I’d even say this matches better than the concealers I’ve tried, because most concealers have a yellow undertone, but my skin has a red undertone. The fact that I can use this as a concealer is really awesome, because I never wear foundation and only occasionally concealer, but I badly want to cover up the dark circles. Plus, it was super affordable. Big thumbs up.

Nude to Purple Gradient

I’ve been super busy with moving and going on holiday these past weeks and haven’t had time to put on nail polish in a while, so to ease my way back in to it, I went with something simple – a nude to purple gradient using two of the Wet n Wild polishes from the haul.

nude to purple gradient 1nude to purple gradient 2

Polishes used:

  • Wet n Wild – Stay Classy
  • Wet n Wild – Under My Plum

Unboxing: GOODIEBOX July 2016

GOODIEBOX is a beauty subscription box. You pay 159 kr ($24) including shipping, and you get 5-8 products with a total value of 6-700 kr ($88-100) ! The subscription box is only available in Denmark, but since a lot of the products are from international brands, I thought maybe you’d be interested in my first impressions of the products even though you cannot get this specific box. Continue reading “Unboxing: GOODIEBOX July 2016”

Recreation: July 2015

July 2015 was a month without much nail art. I was working at LEGOLAND where my nail polish wasn’t allowed to be too noticeable, and even if I wore discreet polish, it would chip off within the first hour of work, so I quickly dropped that idea and let my nails be naked. Continue reading “Recreation: July 2015”

HAUL | Wet n Wild + one China Glaze

A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I went to Malmö, Sweden for the weekend. Little had we realized that it was midsommer-weekend. Now in Denmark, we have something along the lines of a midsommer celebration, Continue reading “HAUL | Wet n Wild + one China Glaze”

Stamping Plate Haul

Contains affiliate links

I’ve been considering buying some stamping plates for a very long time. I sorta can’t help but think of stamping as ‘cutting corners’ at nail art instead of free-handing things (which I know is stupid), but I also think you can create some amazingly pretty things with stamping plates. Maybe these plates will change my mind and I’ll never want to do any free-handing again. Continue reading “Stamping Plate Haul”

Pink to Black Scaled Gradient

Since summer has officially rolled around, you’re probably going to see a lot more white-based manis in the next few months. I sure get why summer collections always consist of light colors and winter collections of dark colors, because it really does fit your mood to wear light polishes when the weather is bright and dark polishes when the weather is grey. Continue reading “Pink to Black Scaled Gradient”

Tribal Nail Decals | HOW TO

Product sent to me for review

After a few posts of trying to explain how I use water decals, this time, I’ve made a video showing you! You can find that further down this post. Continue reading “Tribal Nail Decals | HOW TO”