31DC2016: Day 19 Galaxies

I LOVE galaxy nails, but I’ve done them a couple of times before (1234), so for this year’s challenge, I wanted to do something a little different.

I got the idea from Ohmygoshpolish to include some planets in my galaxy, so that’s what I did. That also gave me a chance to try out my new W7 Jelly Bean polishes. Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 19 Galaxies”

31DC2016: Day 18 Half Moons

After a little break, I am back with another installment of 31DC2016 – this time it is half moons.

I’ve never been much of a fan of half moons – I think I also mentioned this last year.

So for that reason, I only did a half moon as an accent nail and I did it with a subtle color so it isn’t too noticeable. With the added dots, it looks a little bit like a sun. Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 18 Half Moons”

31DC2016: Day 17 Glitter

I’ve decided that today’s mani is going to be the last one for the 31DC2016 challenge for now. I was really excited for the challenge, but when September rolled around, it turned out to be a much busier month than anticipated with me starting my master’s programme and a new job. For this reason, I haven’t felt like I had enough time in one day to also paint my nails (and take pictures of it and blog about it) without it becoming a chore that I HAD to get done. Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 17 Glitter”

31DC2016: Day 16 Geometric

I’ve gone with a simple, monochromatic look for the geometric prompt. When I started linking the posts from previous years in to this one, I realized that this looks similar to last year’s mani.

Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 16 Geometric”

31DC2016: Day 15 Delicate Print

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Jonas!

This year, I get to be a part of the club that uses stamping plates to interpret the ‘delicate print’-prompt. Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 15 Delicate Print”

31DC2016: Day 14 Flowers

I always really like the flower prompt, but I always struggle a bit to come up with new ideas for this prompt because I often make flowers for other prompts (or other manis) as well.

Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 14 Flowers”

31DC2016: Day 13 Animal Print

Alright, on to today’s second post – and I’m all caught up on the challenge again!

This prompt is probably one of my least favorite ones – animal print. I don’t usually gravitate towards animal print in clothes or nail art or anything, and I feel like it’s hard to come up with something that hasn’t been seen a million times before.

Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 13 Animal Print”

31DC2016: Day 12 Stripes

I got home kinda late yesterday, and I wasn’t feel all too well, so I decided to give myself the night off and relax. So today, you get two posts – I gotta catch back up to the challenge!

This first one of the two is with stripes. Mine only have one stripe each, but given the fact that I have ten fingers, that totals up to stripes in plural.. That counts.. right? Anyway, I say it does, because I really love how this looks!

Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 12 Stripes”

31DC2016: Day 11 Polka Dots

It’s actually been hard having to wait for this day to do polka dots. Dots are one my favorite (and most used) accents.

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31DC2016: Day 10 Gradient

This is my first attempt at a reciprocal gradient. First, I made a gradient (purple to orange), then I applied striping tape and sponged on another gradient in the opposite way than before (orange to purple) and removed the tape.

I hope you can see the gradients – in hindsight, the two polishes might not have been the best option.. Continue reading “31DC2016: Day 10 Gradient”