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Negative Space Heart

Have you noticed how around Valentine’s Day all nail art looks are some shade of pink? Yeah, me too. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pink nail polish as much as the next girl, I just don’t feel like adding to the pile myself, which is why I’ve gone in another direction for…… Continue reading Negative Space Heart

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Chunky gold glitter stripes

This one is a little more festive than what I was going for in terms of an everyday look, but I think it would look awesome for a party or something. I DID rock this one to work, so it all depends on your desired level of glam for the day, I suppose. I did…… Continue reading Chunky gold glitter stripes

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Nail Polish Declutter January 2017

I’m a nail polish hoarder. I keep all the ones I’m given, and I buy too many myself. After having bought some in November/December and receiving some for my birthday and christmas, I didn’t really have any space left in the drawer I keep them in, so I decided it was time to declutter and…… Continue reading Nail Polish Declutter January 2017

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Purple negative space glitter gradient

I didn’t really know what to call this one, so bear with me on the name 😉 This is a really subtle look that’s perfect for when you want that little bit extra without going all the way.  Polishes used Depend – 4094 Shade Seeker Picture Polish – Sisters Social Links: Facebook | Instagram |…… Continue reading Purple negative space glitter gradient

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White Lace Stamping

Contains affiliate links After I got this BORN PRETTY Christmas Nail Art Starry Sky Silicone Head Stamper I got the desire to stamp again. After having used my clear stamper without luck a number of times, I wasn’t really expecting this to work, but this is SO much better! I definitely recommend these silicone head…… Continue reading White Lace Stamping

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Orange Gradient Stamping

Contains affiliate links Hey guys – I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I had an exam to take care of this past week, but now I’m back with the first manicure of 2017. In the midst of all this cold winter weather, I was in the mood for a…… Continue reading Orange Gradient Stamping

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19 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Merry christmas everyone! May you all have a wonderful time with your friends and family! Throughout the month of December, I’ve made 19 christmas nail art designs – here, you can see them all again if you missed any, and perhaps this will give some inspiration to those of you who still needs the perfect…… Continue reading 19 Christmas Nail Art Designs