Things to do this weekend #2

1. Go to the movies
The movie theatre is a good place to go to escape the cold

2. Drink coffee with a friend

It’s getting colder. Grab your scarf and gloves and go to the nearest café with a friend and let a hot beverage keep you warm.

3. Clean your place
Clean all the corners you don’t always go over. Yes, I can be that lazy too.

4. Cook a nice meal
Having a nice meal is not always something you have time for everyday and december is usually even more stressful than the other months, so the weekends are perfect for cooking something a little fancier – maybe there’s a recipe you been wanting to try for a long time?

5. Get ideas for christmas presents

You can always ask people what they want for christmas, but sometimes it’s more fun to be a little creative and come up with something they haven’t thought of yet.

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