DIY Christmas ornaments with nail polish

I saw a video on YouTube where she created christmas tree ornaments using just nail polish and I wanted to give it a go!

I removed the top and poured polish inside the ornament and swiveled it around until the inside was completely covered. On some I painted on the outside too.

These are what I came up with:

Light pink polish on the inside and clear polish sprayed with loose blue glitter in the shape of snowflakes on the outside. The other side has one large snowflake on it
This is probably my favorite. Light shimmery pink polish on the inside and chunky pink glitter in an ombre style on the outside
Black glitter on the inside. I didn’t like it that much, so I added silver ribbon inside as well which made it a lot nicer.
Black and silver chunky glitter painted in ombre style on the outside
20141205_165645 (1)
The one I like the least. I poured in green polish and with a cotton swap I swiveled it around and I intended to do the same with the pink on the top, but I was VERY hard to move the polish around because the ornament is completely round. I don’t recommend trying this design unless your ornaments are shaped differently.
Gold glitter polish painted on the outside. Looks much better in real life. The camera brings out an imperfection that is not nearly as visible to the eye.

Let me know what you think, and if you decide to recreate some of them or try out your own design, I would love to see them!

Love, Nanna

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