The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Review


Today, we went to see the last of the Tolkien-films. We’ve seen the other LOTR and The Hobbit-movies, so when we got free tickets for Christmas, we knew this was a must-see.

The movie wraps up the Hobbit-story and ends where the Lord of the Rings is about to begin. The dragon Smaug is killed in the beginning of the movie, and to be honest, that part of the movie was the most exciting. The movie goes on to depict the battle over the lonely mountain, but it seems like they should have made the book into two movies instead of three. The plot of the third was… well, a little boring.. The movie is about 2½ hours long and over an hour (!), yes I checked, an hour consists of the battle itself. Maybe half of that would have done it for wimps like myself who don’t really care too much for all that violence.

I think the movie is a good wrap-up and if you’ve been a fan of the Tolkien franchise, then you cannot miss the ending. But I must say, that I can name several of the other films that were remarkably better than this last one.

Disappointment would be the proper term for how I feel right now. I do admit that my expectations might have been too high, but I actually don’t recommend this movie as its own, but merely as an ending to a nice story.

Let me know what you thought of the film

Love, Nanna

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