My first orange nail polish ever!

I finally got around to buying an orange nail polish. I don’t think the colour suits my skin tone all to well, but it is practically the only colour missing from my collection, so I had to have one eventually and then there was a sale and.. You know the rest 😉

The one I got is by Sally Hansen called Tahitian Sunset.



It is this muted, kind of pastel-looking orange with an oh-so-slight shimmer that I’ll either totally hate or become weirdly fond of over time. We’ll see which one it is. Now, I don’t know if Sally Hansen is discontinuing this colour or what is going on, but I’ve seen it on sale everywhere recently, so I think that might be the case.


6 thoughts on “My first orange nail polish ever!

  1. Dorkchops 27/01/2015 / 14:39

    I love this shade, perfect for spring and summer! Really like other shades in the line too, the formula is great! 🙂


    • Nanna Sander 27/01/2015 / 14:43

      I loooooove Sally Hansen’s complete salon manicure collection! 3 months ago I had none and today I have 6. They’re basically the only brand I buy these days.. I really like the size of the brush too, and as you said the formula is easy to apply 🙂

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      • Dorkchops 27/01/2015 / 14:52

        Yesss! The brush is awesome! It’s thick enough that you don’t need to go over your nails so many times so it’s really fast to do your nails if you’re in a rush! 😀 Totally agree with you on that!


      • Nanna Sander 27/01/2015 / 14:57

        I don’t really like their Color Frenzy line though.. Was kinda disappointed with those after I tried this line..

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      • Dorkchops 27/01/2015 / 22:05

        Oh really? I haven’t tried it. I think I’ll stay away from it then!


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