Friday Favorite


Wella Ocean Spritz | Dry


I got this from my friend, Lisbeth because she had two and I mentioned that I’d wanted to try out the whole beach spray thing. I had one of these many, many years ago before I even knew how to properly use it, but I remember liking the effect back then as well as now. 

I’m in that awkward stage between having had a perm last summer and going back to my normal straight hair. There’s still quite a lot of curl left, surprisingly, but it has grown out so much so it only curls beneath my ears. That means that when I enhance the curls it looks a little weird to have big voluminous hair below the ears and completely straight hair above. When I comb it after my shower to leave it straight (which has always worked for me before), it dries a little wavy – again below the ear.

This ocean spray helps eliminate the awkwardness. If I dry my hair with a diffuser (without any product in my hair beforehand) and then spray my hair with this and sometimes a bit of hairspray, it enhances the curls but also textures and gives volume to the straight part making it all come together to look nice and effortless.

I haven’t exactly tried any other ocean sprays than this one, so I can’t really comment on its ability compared to ocean sprays in general, but I like this one.

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