China Glaze Electric Nights – Which to buy?

China Glaze Electric Nights

China Glaze has just revealed their new collection which is packed with awesome neons and I want them all! unfortunately, they’re a bit more expensive in Denmark than in USA, so I need your help deciding which to get!

Do you have any of these?

Which ones are your favorites?

Did any of them disappoint you?

7 thoughts on “China Glaze Electric Nights – Which to buy?

  1. Karen Rees 14/05/2015 / 22:45

    Ooooh these are beautiful – what gorgeous colours!! Would love to read a review when you try them out 🙂 Happy colour picking!! hehe Karen x

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  2. Nina S (@NinaStage) 15/05/2015 / 08:45

    Stemmer for hele den nederste og hele den øverste række! Eller evt. kun en af de blå og en af de lilla 🙂


    • Nanna Sander 15/05/2015 / 10:18

      Så dem alle? :p eller enten den ene eller anden række?


    • Nanna Sander 16/05/2015 / 08:25

      I’ll definitely take a look, then! Even though I’ve seen so many swatches already 😉 I’ll be looking forward to hearing your opinions 🙂

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