A Day in the Life #5

  • As of last night we have a new government in Denmark. Not the side that I voted for, but hopefully they’ll do alright.
  • I’ve started to clean out my music library because there is so much I always skip over and now I’ve got a new computer and a clean slate. It takes forever when you have over 3000 songs and want to organize it all as well… Can you say ‘regret’?
  • Yesterday, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie arrived in my mail box. Today, the new FSOG book ‘Grey’ showed up. Guess my exam preparation can wait another day..
  • Speaking of exams, I’m really annoyed that my final exam isn’t until the 30th. I start work on the 1st. #Novacationforme.
  • ….. That is until I’m going to Turkey on the 4th…
  • I really should get started on the studying, though…
  • … Tomorrow. Or when I finish Grey.. So.. Tomorrow..

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