Sponged holographic top coat

Today’s mani is very simple, but it does not have to be so complicated all the time, right?

I’ve been loving a holographic top coat lately, and I’ve been incorporating it in pretty much every simple or single-colored mani as an accent nail. Usually it’s just a standard accent nail, but this time I sponged it on to half of the nail on the two nails next to it so it looks like it spread to those nails.

Sponged holo 1Sponged holo 2

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen – Loden Green
  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust

5 thoughts on “Sponged holographic top coat

  1. Nina S 31/03/2016 / 00:12

    Hey, kunne du prøve at lave noget med guld og sort, og så smide en mat top coat på? – det kunne være mega cool!


      • Nina S 31/03/2016 / 09:18

        Bare generelt :-)))


      • Nanna Sander 31/03/2016 / 09:20

        Jo 😊 jeg lægger lige hovedet i blød 😉


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