Sideways Gradient and Roses

Exam season is upon me once again. Even though this is my 8th exam season since starting university, it just never gets easy or fun. Leave it to the procrastinator to leave things to the last minute when I could have started months ago -.- .. Maybe I’ll learn some day.

Anyway, summer is here (hence the procrastination and spending time outside instead of locked up with my computer). My nail art still lingers a little bit in spring in terms of color selection. Here is a soft pastel sideways gradient plus roses mani.

Polishes used:

  • H&M – Pink
  • Essie – Virgin Snow
  • Essie – Peak Show
  • China Glaze – Material Girl


Eurovision: My winners and losers

Did you guys watch the Eurovision show last Saturday? Jonas and I watched the second semi-final, and when Denmark qualified for the final, we couldn’t not tune in to the final. Throughout the show we each kept track of our personal rating, and let’s just say that none of us agreed with the final score. In this blog post, I will give you a run-down of my winners and losers plus an honorable mention. Continue reading

NOTD: Blue Aztec

Sometimes, I want something on my nails that may be intricate – because I’m not very good at keeping things simple – but not necessarily something that screams ‘look at me!’ That’s what I tried to achieve here with the color selection. The pattern was inspired by bed sheets we sell where I work, which has an aztec print on it, and after having mailed A LOT of those recently, I took my inspiration from Continue reading

Q&A a day – a different way of journaling

I have never really kept a journal except for about a week when I was very young, and even then I didn’t really do it properly. I always had this idea in my head about what you should write in a journal, and my life never really lived up to that. I didn’t suffer the big heartaches or crushes that deserved page after page in a book, which the protagonist always seemed to write about in American movies – and we all know American teen movies accurately depict reality. At least I didn’t at the time when I kept a journal, and once I started having journal-worthy experiences (which I now know have a much broader range than love), I never really knew how to write about it.

However, on 16 February 2017 I started writing a journal, and I can pinpoint the exact date because of this book. Continue reading

Song of the day: Ronan Hardiman – Dance Above the Rainbow

Okay you guys, I might seem super obsessed with all things Irish with my recent referral to St. Patrick’s Day, and now I’m sharing this song with you, but I’m no more obsessed than always. I have just always had a thing for riverdance. It always gives me goosebumbs when I watch it, and I would LOVE to learn it for myself!

In my Zumba class, we have a recurring routine that is inspired by riverdance (very loosely, because that stuff is HARD), and even though it always comes on towards the end of the class where most of my energy is spent, I always get a burst of new energy for this song. After class, I stayed behind to ask our instructor for the name of the song, and this was it, so this is a great starting point for when I want to dream that I was that quick on my feet. Seriously, have you seen how talented they are!?

NOTD: Green + gold triangles

This mani was inspired by this post by Housewifenails which I instantly fell in love with. Hers was meant as a St. Patrick’s Day mani, and I know that was AGES ago (and technically I don’t celebrate the day), but paired with this mossy green polish, I think this is just perfect! I’m so happy I got this Picture Polish color, because I just LOVE it. Unfortunately, and I don’t know if this is also the case for you guys, but I don’t find that Picture Polish polishes has that great wear time? I know wear time has a lot to do with each individual’s body chemistry, but it’s just such a shame when really I’d love to wear this all day, everyday. Continue reading

Song of the day: Evermore – Dan Stevens

It’s been so long – nearly two years in fact! – that I have shared a song with you that I am currently obsessed with. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1) I became a little lazy and didn’t always feel like writing long(er) blog posts, and notd-posts are just quicker to write; and most importantly 2) the posts weren’t that popular, and for a long time, I feel like I’ve blogged more for the sake of other’s than my own, and only writing posts that I knew would be popular. However, I think that’s a shame, because music is just as big a part of my life as beauty is, so I’m bringing back the series.

The first song to kick off the series again comes from Continue reading