31DC2017: Day 31 Honor Nails You Love

I have had this screenshot in my phone for a long time of a mani by Clelianna, but I’ve always postponed recreating it because it was done with a decal that I didn’t have. Well, now that I’ve wanted to do it for so long, but still don’t really do decals, I decided to just try a freehand it, and I think it turned out pretty well! Of course, the shade of blue glitter polish that she used was retired by Picture Polish just days before I had a chance to buy it 😦


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Truth of Flare
  • OPI – Got Your Number
  • Depend – 5042

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31DC2017: Day 30 Inspired by a Tutorial

I’ve watched a lot of nail art tutorials over the years, but I don’t do it so much anymore, because I can more or less figure out how it’s done from looking at a picture, but every once in a while, a manicure captures me enough that I’ll watch the tutorial even if I have the technique guessed beforehand. This tutorial by HannahRoxNails was one of those cases, because I really love the look!


Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum
  • Essie – Watermelon
  • Pieces – Peach Whippe Matte

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31DC2017: Day 29 Inspired by the Supernatural

I find the supernatural prompt really hard to do, because I always want to do halloween nails, but that doesn’t necessarily mean supernatural, so I always struggle a little bit to come up with an idea for today’s prompt. This year, my choice fell on ghosts.


Polishes used:

  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Essie – Licorice

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31DC2017: Day 28 Inspired by a Flag

For this past year I’ve been living in the southern part of Denmark, not too far from the Danish-German border, so Germans and the german language have become a part of my everyday life, so it seemed like the obvious choice to pay tribute to our neighbours for the flag prompt of the challenge.

I tried a technique I’ve never done before for this mani – a fan brush gradient – and I must say that the result is amazing! I got an unintentional sunset vibe with this because of the colors in the flag. I didn’t really get the colors properly blocked on my pinky, but I’ll definitely be using this technique again!


Polishes used:

  • Black Striper (no name)
  • Red Striper (no name)
  • Yellow Striper (no name)

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31DC2017: Day 27 Inspired by Artwork

This year, I wasn’t inspired by a specific piece of art like previous years, but rather by a style – graffiti!


Polishes used:

  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Rainbow colored stripers
  • Essie – Licorice

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31DC2017: Day 26 Inspired by a Pattern

I went to Google and searched ‘pattern’ to find the inspiration for today’s nails. There were a lot of really good options, but ultimately, I settled on this pattern because I remembered that I had these glitters in my drawer so that I could do it as glitter placement. I thought about filling the entire nail, but I doubt I would have had the patience for that!



Polishes used:

  • Essie – Licorice
  • Born Pretty Store holographic Rhombus Glitters in silver and gold

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31DC2017: Day 25 Inspired by Fashion

I work for a webshop that sells children’s clothes, so I see a lot of that everyday. That’s why it’s only natural that I found my fashion inspiration there. I was inspired by these cute little grey shoes with silver dots on them.


Polishes used:

  • Color Club – Lady Holiday
  • Essie – Apres-chic

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