31DC2017: Day 24 Inspired by a Book

This year, I was not inspired by a single book for day 24, but rather by an entire genre. I’ve been really into reading LGBT books for quite a few months now because they have a different set of issues than the books I usually read (mainly chick-lit). So I am dedicating this mani to all of the amazing books that I have read, and to all the ones I will be reading as I get through my to-read pile on Goodreads.

I did these hearts as nail decals on my silicone mat. I cut a heart out in regular scotch tape and created these rainbow colored hearts.


Polishes used:

  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Rainbow colored stripers

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[31DC2014: Day 24]

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31DC2017: Day 23 Inspired by a Movie

Surprisingly, I was really struggling to come up with an idea for this prompt.. In the end, I tried to recreate the bleeding strawberries in the movie Across the Universe. I did them with sharpies that I ‘dissolved’ with isopropyl alcohol which gave them this washed out look.


Polishes used:

  • Rimmel – Celebrity Bash
  • Technic – Vert
  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Sharpies

[31DC2016: Day 23]

[31DC2015: Day 23]

[31DC2014: Day 23 – 1]

[31DC2017: Day 23 – 2]

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31DC2017: Day 22 Inspired by a Song

I was really going back and forward with this prompt as I have so many ideas from songs that I’d like to do. I really had my heart set on doing autumn leaves, for I didn’t really succeed with those, so I decided to look elsewhere. That is when I remembered a song by SAFIA called ‘Counting Sheep‘, and here are my sheep nails! Can you spot the black sheep?


Polishes used:

  • Appeal4 – 103
  • Essie – Licorice
  • Color Club – French Tip
  • Color Club – Lady Holiday

[31DC2016: Day 22]

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[31DC2014: Day 22]

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31DC2017: Day 21 Inspired by a Color

Today, I was inspired by one of the polishes I used for yesterday’s mani, namely Essie’s ‘With the Band’. After searching around a bit for ideas around bands and music, I came across this manicure by Polish My Nail, and I just fell in love, so I knew I had to do these. Of course, I incorporated the inspirational polish in the centers of the vinyls.


Polishes used:

  • Essie – With the Band
  • Essie – Licorice
  • Essie – Suite Retreat
  • OPI – Alpine Snow

[31DC2016: Day 21]

[31DC2015: Day 21]

[31DC2014: Day 21]

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31DC2017: Day 20 Water Marble

Will I ever be a water marble wizard? Probably not.. Because honestly, this manicure took me about 15-20 tries with different polishes, color combinations, patterns etc. before I got this result, at which point I just thought, ‘FINE! This is what we’re going with’.

I even had a water spotting attempt that looked like bruises and blood, so I saved that attempt to show you as a halloween design.


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Cocktails & Coconuts
  • Essie – Hide & Go Chic
  • Essie – With the Band

[31DC2016: Day 20]

[31DC2015: Day 20]

[31DC2014: Day 20]

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31DC2017: Day 19 Galaxies

Well, let’s move on from the dislike of yesterday’s half moons mani, and focus on a prompt (and a mani) that I DO really like.

Galaxies! Well, the thing with galaxies is that once you’ve done it, there are not a lot of options of doing it differently – at least not in its traditional sense. Last year, I zoomed in a little bit and focused on the planets, and this year, I am reimagining the galaxy as being green.


Polishes used:

[31DC2016: Day 19]

[31DC2015: Day 19]

[31DC2014: Day 19]

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31DC2017: Day 18 Half Moons

*sigh*.. Are we really already at half-moons again? I feel like I just did this prompt even though it was a year ago. But honestly, this is still too soon. I am NOT a fan of half moon manicures. I’ve seen many good ideas with this look, but I don’t really like how it looks, and I really only do them once a year for the challenge..

This year, I did the half moon with sequins instead of a solid color, and that helps a little bit, but I am still not a fan..


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Bell-Bottom Blues

[31DC2016: Day 18]

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