Q&A a day – a different way of journaling

I have never really kept a journal except for about a week when I was very young, and even then I didn’t really do it properly. I always had this idea in my head about what you should write in a journal, and my life never really lived up to that. I didn’t suffer the big heartaches or crushes that deserved page after page in a book, which the protagonist always seemed to write about in American movies – and we all know American teen movies accurately depict reality. At least I didn’t at the time when I kept a journal, and once I started having journal-worthy experiences (which I now know have a much broader range than love), I never really knew how to write about it.

However, on 16 February 2017 I started writing a journal, and I can pinpoint the exact date because of this book. Continue reading

Christmas decorations

We live in a pretty small apartment, which means that pretty much every corner and surface is being used. That leaves very little room for christmas decorations, but we managed to find just a little bit of space for just a couple of things. Continue reading

My participation in Dewey’s 24h readathon

This time around, I will participate in Dewey’s 24h readathon, which is basically a worldwide event where you read for 24 hours or as long as you are able to participate and there are cheerleaders and prizes and all sorts of nonsense. The starting time is syncronised to the world’s timezones so everyone starts and ends at the same time. We are still 3 hours away from kick-off, so there is still time for a late sign-up if you are interested! You can check out their website here and the starting times where YOU live here. Continue reading

Juggling your responsibilities

Now, the headline of this post might seem like I’m about to offer some advice on how to juggle your responsibilities, but in fact it is the quite opposite. It is just one, big jumble of my thoughts.

These days I’m struggling to find a good balance between doing the things I should be doing as opposed to the things I want to do.

I have all sorts of ‘life’-stuff to consider. What is my bachelor’s project going to be about? What should I study for my master’s degree – and where?

On top of all the big decisions, I have all sorts of smaller, everyday things to attend to. Cleaning, studying, cooking and finding a job.

It just seems like I can never find the energy or desire to do any of those things. They all fill up my mind at once so I don’t know where to start, so I just.. don’t start on anything. It is so much easier to put on another episode on Netflix or get my computer out or something. The responsibilities can wait, right? Well, they can’t wait much longer anymore.

Do you know that feeling? Having too much inside your head to actually get anything productive done? Telling yourself that it’s alright to push your responsibilities aside for a little while, but then never really relaxing anyways?

Weekly Round-up


Monday to Tuesday my friend Laura and I were at the spa where we stayed in this amazing room! Apartment goals! Behind the wall was a small wardrobe (which would of course have to be bigger in my home 😉 ) and it was the nicest room, I have ever stayed in! The offer we’d gotten included the spa and a 4 course meal and breakfast – the food was amazing, but the desserts were a huge fail. Continue reading

Temptations I couldn’t pass up on today


Today, we had to go into the city to buy a present for my boyfriend’s father’s 60th birthday and we had no ideas as to what we were going to buy for him, so we had to take the full tour of the shopping street – meaning stumbling upon a few temptations, some of which we couldn’t walk by however hard we tried.

We got these two mason jars which we were going to use for spaghetti – turns out the tall one isn’t tall enough for the spaghetti, so we’ll have to decide if we don’t mind them sticking up a little or if we want to do something else with it. The smaller one is still going to hold pasta.

A new shop had opened, a tiny shop with what I like to call hippie-hardware – one-of-a-kind items that aren’t mass-produced – or with a look that is meant to fool you into thinking that. Nonetheless, these kind of shops have popped out everywhere lately, and I really like them. Anyways, this new one (where we also bought the mason jars) had these cute little plastic water bottles that we had to have.

Lastly, I couldn’t walk past the rack outside the book shop that had a 3 for 10 £ sale. I haven’t heard of any of the books, but they appear to be part of – or closely related to – the chick-lit genre, which is always a hit with me.