My pampering routine

I’ll admit it. I’m not like those skin care gurus who pamper their skin every day. I rarely do it in fact. And when I do, it is one big pampering session.

Before I take a shower, I apply a warming mineral mask from the Body Shop.

IMG_1025You apply it to damp skin and you can instantly feel it heating up. I just love this product! If my skin has been breaking out I just apply this once and it is instantly better! It says you should do it a couple of times a week, but I only use it when needed. I leave it on for about a minute before entering the shower and when I can’t wait any longer (patience issues) I shower with it for a couple of minutes.

Then I take a shower where I do all of the usual things. My shampoo is nothing special, neither is my conditioner other than the fact that it smells like raspberry, which is a smell I’ve been loving lately. I leave in the conditioner in while I do the rest to make my hair super soft. Otherwise it will be impossible to comb out. Then I use a shower gel, sometimes a scented one, sometimes just a soap-y one. Then if I’m not too lazy I shave my legs, but let’s face it, it’s winter so I don’t do it everyday. Luckily my boyfriend doesn’t mind 🙂

Then I rinse off the mask from before. Then I use my beloved Niveau In-Shower Body Lotion that I review here. It works wonders for someone like me who hates applying lotion.


After I get out of the shower I apply a moisture mask. Mine is from Matas, which is the most common (and cheapest) Danish beauty store.


I leave this on for about 5 minutes before I remove the excess mask with a cotton pad. It is basically the same consistency and effect as applying lotion, but it is a lot less sticky.

As I said before, I hate applying lotion, but I recently bought a body oil instead.


This one is also from Matas and smells like pomegranate. I like this much better than lotion. It is still sticky, but not nearly as more and not for nearly as long. I can definitely recommend body oil for those who hate lotion as much as me.

I comb out my hair and then I apply an Argan oil Leave-In hair cure. This one is also from Matas’ own brand, but I’ve seen it from many other brands as well.


You leave this in between washing your hair, which usually means one or two days for me. It says you’re supposed to apply this once or twice a week, but I sometimes use it more than that. I find that this works really well with styling my hair, actually. This past summer I had my hair permed and surprisingly enough there are still a lot of curls left. They have grown out, but not so much that it looks ridiculous yet. I really like using this product over wax or hairspray or something else to hold the curls. This makes the curls hold throughout most of the day without giving it that sticky look. It doesn’t keep the curls as bouncy for as long as other products, but that is alright for me.

That is what I do when I decide to pamper myself. My everyday routine is less comprehensive, maybe I’ll share that with you some day.

What do you do when you pamper yourself?


November Favorites

November has come to a close and december is about to begin. Both a time of joy but also a time of stress for the students such as myself. I wanted to create a post about some of the things that I have really been loving in the month of November – this is a beauty edition.

1. I recently re-discovered two of my Essie nail polishes – ‘Leading Lady’ and ‘Muchi, Muchi’. Leading Lady is very fitting for the winter/christmas months and Muchi, Muchi is just a classic. Although very new, I also love Sally Hansen’s ‘Rule of Plum

‘. favorites

2. All things Sally Hansen. Oh. My. God. It’s a good brand! Their nail polishes are so beautiful and I got a chance to try their top and base coat and I am in love. Especially the top coat blew my mind away. When they call it ‘fast-dry’ they really mean it! It’s basically the only brand I buy at the moment.

3. Gosh Liquid Eyeliner. After my holiday I stopped using eyeliner for a while because I had a tan, but I just started using this again.


4. TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. I got this when I got permanent curls and now it’s almost empty. It’s a great hair wax for longer hair because it is more liquid-y and easier to apply all over long hair.


5. TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray. This is a really good hair spray and for once it actually smells well too instead of choking you 🙂


6. I still love the Nivea In-shower Body Lotion. You can read my opinions about it here.


7. My new O.P.I Matte Top coat that I got yesterday – yes, yesterday was still november 😉 I got it as a gift and I went home and tried it out immediately and I love the look it gives.


Nivea In-shower Body Lotion


I had a chance to try out the Nivea In-shower Body Lotion that I talked about in previously. I so badly want to say that it did not work as I was really, really sceptical. I did NOT believe that this would do as much as it promised, but I guess I’m gonna have to eat my words.

This works!

And – it works well! I was in a bit of a hurry and because I doubted its ability I only dabbed on a little bit here and there and didn’t really think too much about coverage over all. After I got out of the shower I dried up with a towel, and afterwards I could really tell a difference! My skin was nice and soft and not at all sticky and greasy as it can get when you apply lotion. It was also much easier and faster than applying lotion, which is a major plus when you’re not a big fan of mornings.

Big thumbs up – I’d definitely buy this again!