Picture Polish (Mini-)Haul

I think my Picture Polish wish list is miles long by now – I am seriously in love with the brand and the polishes they create that are so unique and different from all others while using a 5-free, vegan formula. To be honest, I’ve never tried any of their creme polishes, but that is only because their glitter/flakie polishes are the best – and they are always easy to remove without any hassle (unless stated otherwise on their website).

When they released a bunch of new shades in september 2017, which included the most perfect fall color ever (Foxy), I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to cross some polishes off my wish list. I only got four this time around (+ a clear jelly stamper because I haven’t had any luck with other clear stampers in the past), and I still have at least as many on my wish list, but I’ll get around to those another time. I had hoped to snatch up ‘2001’ as well, but while I was waiting for them to restock ‘Merge’, the shade was retired ūüė¶

Anyway, here are the four polishes I got this time around. Continue reading


Review: Stamping guide template

Contains product sent for review

I am in no way a stamping expert, but I try to improve all the time and do nicer and nicer things with stamping. I was given the opportunity to review a cool ‘gadget’ that takes stamping to the next level.

This stamping guide template from Born Pretty Store allows you to only pick up parts of an image to create cool effects. It comes in four different versions. The one I got looks like this:

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 1

You place it on top of your stamping plate after you have scraped the excess polish off. Continue reading

31DC2017: Wrap Up

With this post, I conclude this years 31 day nail polish challenge! I always feel a little bit proud of myself when I finish it, because it really is A LOT of work, and especially towards the end, you just want to be done with it. I think there are some good manicures here – overall, I think I was more pleased with last year’s challenge, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Here you can see all of the 31 manicures – if you want to take a closer look at one of them, the headings are links to the original posts. I will talk about my personal favorites in the bottom of this post.

Day 1 РRed                                Day 2 РOrange                               Day 3 РYellow


Day 4 РGreen                                Day 5 РBlue                                  Day 6 РViolet


Day 7 РBlack & White                      Day 8 РMetallic                             Day 9 РRainbow


Day 10 РGradient                     Day 11 РPolka Dots                       Day 12 РStripes


Day 13 РAnimal Print                    Day 14 РFlowers                     Day 15 РDelicate Print


Day 16 РGeometric                        Day 17 РGlitter                        Day 18 РHalf Moons


Day 19 РGalaxies                            Day 20 РWater Marble             Day 21 РInspired by a color


Day 22 РInspired by a song      Day 23 РInspired by a movie      Day 24 РInspired by a book


Day 25 РInspired by fashion  Day 26 РInspired by pattern  Day 27 РInspired by artwork


Day 28 РInspired by a flag                             Day 29 РInspired by the supernatural


Day 30 РInspired by a tutorial                               Day 31 РHonor nails you love


My favorites are:

What are your favorites?

[31DC2016: Wrap Up]

[31DC2015: Sum Up]

[31DC2014: Wrap Up]

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Holographic laser stickers

Contains products sent for review

I fall into the trap every. single. time. I see some nail wraps or some stickers that look cool and think, ‘Hey, what an easy way to spruce up a mani when I’m in a hurry’. When will I ever learn that the end result is never what you want it to be?

These holographic laser stickers from Born Pretty Store were no exception.

Stickers 3

They were exceptionally thin and hard to work with, and I ended up tearing off corners (and sometimes halves) when I went to remove it from the backing paper. Furthermore, I was unable to apply them evenly, because they stuck to my fingers (or tweezers when I tried to use those), and once even a corner had stuck to the nail, I could not remove them for replacement without tearing them. (Do you see the flecks of gold on my thumb? Yeah, that’s pieces of sticker that I could not for the life of me get off again.) That left me with an uneven application and air bubbles that not even top coat could conceal.

Stickers 2

Lastly, the thing with stickers is that – even if you can apply them without being able to see the transparent film – they peel INSALE quick. A couple of hours were all these lasted me, even though I was careful to seal all edges with top coat.

Also, can you see how they lose their color around the edges? Yeah, that happened when I applied the top coat.

Stickers 1

I think, I am done with stickers. The end result is just not what you want it to be, and the application is not as easy as hoped.

Silver and Marble

Contains product sent for review

After some practice, I’ve really grown to love water decals. I didn’t find them too easy to use at first, but now that I’ve gotten good at using them, I love how quickly they can spruce up a manicure for a very little cost.

For this manicure, I used this sheet from Born Pretty Store, and I guarantee that you will see more manis with this sheet, because there are so many images, and I really love the simplicity of the images.

I messed around with making diy decals on my nail art mat and attempted doing marble nails this way, but I still think I prefer Continue reading

Color Club Haul

I recently discovered that a Danish webshop sells Color Club polishes, which I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I was never prepared to pay the delivery costs for international shipping. And what was even better, was that they were having a sale! Of course, I jumped at the chance to try out a nice selection of polishes because you can never really evaluate a brand based on one or two polishes. I may have gone a little overboard, but Continue reading

Sideways Gradient and Roses

Exam season is upon me once again. Even though this is my 8th exam season since starting university, it just never gets easy or fun. Leave it to the procrastinator to leave things to the last minute when I could have started months ago -.- .. Maybe I’ll learn some day.

Anyway, summer is here (hence the procrastination and spending time outside instead of locked up with my computer). My nail art still lingers a little bit in spring in terms of color selection. Here is a soft pastel sideways gradient plus roses mani.

Polishes used:

  • H&M – Pink
  • Essie – Virgin Snow
  • Essie – Peak Show
  • China Glaze – Material Girl