Recreation: March 2015

It might be in the dying minutes of March, but there’s still time to post a recreation post for this month. Well, ‘recreation’ might not be the right word this time, maybe ‘inspired by’ is more accurate since I’ve changed the color scheme. Continue reading

Recreation: February 2015

I’m just about ready for some spring! We got a bit of sun yesterday which lifted my mood a lot, but it is still freezing temperatures. Knowing the climate here in Denmark, spring won’t come for several weeks or even months, so I guess I’ll have to settle for spring on my nails. Continue reading

Recreation: January 2015

In January 2015, I did this manicure inspired by Jauntyjuli. The manicure looked alright, but nothing like I wanted it to, and I’ve always thought that her original manicure was much nicer than mine. For the original manicure, I’d gone with a different color scheme than she did, but this time around, I chose the same color scheme as her. Continue reading

Recreation: December 2014

In December 2014, I did nail art related to christmas, but I also did some not related to anything. As it turns out, I am pretty pleased with the christmas themed ones; you can see them here. However, this gradient mani turned out nicely, but I remember where I was going with it, and that’s not where I ended. You can kinda see where the striping tape left indentations, but I ended up doing the gradient over top of it after I’d removed the striping tape because it’d riped some of the polish off.

December 2014


December 2015

december 2014  1december 2014 2

I had some troubles with the striping tape ripping up the polish underneath – I gotta have more patience and let the polish dry more before putting on the tape.. In this case it didn’t matter too much since my naked nail color is so similar to the light pink. I’m not sure that I’m more satisfied with the recreation than the original, though..

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Muchi, Muchi
  • Essie – A Cut Above
  • Sally Hansen – Good To Grape

Recreation: november 2014

In november 2014, the 31 day nail polish challenge 2014 took up most of my nail art-time. For day 12 I attempted a manicure with stripes, but since I didn’t have any striping tape at that time, I had to free-hand the stripes, which made the whole thing a little messy. It’s always bothered me, because I really like the idea and the color combination. That makes this manicure a perfect contender for my recreation-series! Continue reading

Recreation: october 2014

Since my blog has celebrated its first birthday, I thought it could be super fun to go back and choose a nail design I did in a particular month last year and recreate it to honor it and see how much better I’ve gotten since. There are many of my first design that had very much potential, but my talent at the time often didn’t live up to what I had in mind.

My blog turned 1 year in late september, but I didn’t get around to the nail art until october, so october 2014 is the first month with nail designs to recreate.
Continue reading

31DC2015: Day 31 Honor Nails You Love

Today is the very last day of the 31 day nail polish challenge, which isĀ  good timing since I’ve gotten myself a good old-fashioned cold. I’m really pleasantly suprised by the end result of today’s manicure since I could only get through one hand before feeling queesy and having to stop.

The nails I decided to honor was a manicure I’ve had pinned for some time now – they’re made by bettinanails – honestly, I’ve never seen anything else of her work, but these are just amazing! Continue reading