Review: Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm



What it is: Combination remover and cream quickly eliminates excess, ragged cuticles and hangnails as it conditions nails and healthy cuticles

How it works: Salon tested, 2-in-1 formula with white tea and cucumber, gently and quickly loosens and exfoliates stubborn, overgrown cuticles while leaving skin feeling deeply moisturized.”


Prize: I paid 80 DKK / $12 / £8 / €11

How I use it: Every other week or so, I apply just a little bit to my cuticle areas and let it soak in for a while before I massage it in and push back my cuticles. It softens the cuticle area enough so it does not hurt to push them back, and it removes all of the dead skin that is left on the surface of the nail.


  • Softens the cuticle area preventing pain when pushing back the cuticles
  • Loosens dead skin on the surface of the nail
  • A little goes a long way
  • Smells nice


  • Very greasy
  • It does not soak into your skin and it continues to be greasy until you wash your hands, and even a little after


Overall: I’ve been using this for a few months now. I really, really like this! The greasiness aside, I think the advantages heavily outweigh the bad. It does what it promises, it’s affordable and lasts a long time. I’m definitely getting a new jar when I run out!


Review: Sally Hansen Moisturising Nail Polish Remover

IMG_1363This nail polish remover by Sally Hansen is the first nail polish remover I’ve had that was from a different brand than my local drugstore’s own brand. I’ve always been very fond of Matas’ own nail polish remover, but when my friend Camilla asked me if I knew of any other removers that were good, I realized I’d never actually tried other ones. Since this was on sale in Matas, I decided this polish remover would be the first I would test out.

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I’ve been shopping – again

Yesterday, was the day of tax returns. Yesterday, I “accidentally” looked in my local drugstores catalogue. You do the math. I’ve been shopping again.


Nail polish remover // Nail polish // L’Oréal Elvital // Hand Moisturizer

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Manicure of the day #11: Lines and dots

For my birthday back in November (when all of my friends suddenly wanted me to do nail art on them), my friend had seen something in a magazine that she wanted me to do – something about light pink nails with white lines:

Lauras hånd
Photo courtesy of Laura

I took my inspiration from there

It makes me so sad, that I am unable to capture the true beauty of Rule of Plum on camera! I caught a bit of sunlight today, so you can sense the glitter, but I very much encourage you all to go buy it – I promise you, you will not regret it! IMG_12481

Polishes used:


Base coat: Essie – Help me Grow

Light purple: Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear – 230 Perpetual Plum

Dark purple with glitter: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – 709: Rule of Plum

Top Coat: Seche Vite

And might I just add: I’m new with Seche Vite, and although it smells pretty badly, I definitely see what the fuss is about! This stuff is GOOD!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review


I bought two colours from the collection along with the mandatory miracle gel top coat. The colours I got are:

Mad Women

Sally Hansen - Mad Women

and Combusteable

Sally Hansen - Combustable

Before I begin, let me just say that I am a student so I am not too hard on my hands, I type quite a lot and I also have to clean my apartment every few days, but other than that my nails aren’t overly used.

Review of Combusteable

Combustable swatch

Here is how it looks after I’d just applied it. As you can see on my pointer, I actually managed to drag some of the colour off again when I applied the top coat – maybe I did not wait long enough – I’ll come back to that later on.

The colour is pretty, although I liked it better in the bottle. In the end I don’t think it suited my skin toned that well.

The application was good, but it did come out looking a little streaky, but that is not so unusual when it comes to metallic polishes.

The dry time was pretty quick, I waited a little longer than I would have with regular polish because I could see that it was possible to actually drag the colour off if it was not dry enough.

Day 2 2
Day 2
day 2
Day 2

^^ On day two, you can see that I experienced some tip wear on my right hand, which is to be expected, and my left thumb had a tiny chip, but nothing that bothered me too much. However, on day 4, this is how my right hand looked:

Day 4
Day 4

The big chip on the thumb was partially my own fault because I have a habit of picking a little at my polish if it starts to chip (which was actually quite difficult with this polish), but I didn’t touch the polish on my middle finger.

Four days was what this polish could last for me – I was considering retouching the two chipped nails, because the other nails still looked pretty good and I’m sure they would have lasted me much longer than just four days, but I decided against it.

Review of Mad Women

Mad Women Swatch

This is what it looked like after I just applied it – there were some issues with applying this that I’ll come back to when I review the top coat, so this is actually my second try. The picture is not that great because I was pretty mad about the issues I had, so I didn’t have that much patience left to get a decent picture – sorry!

The colour is just as pretty as in the bottle and I liked this colour much better! My picture doesn’t do it justice.

The application was good, but it did come out looking a little streaky, although not nearly as much as the other one, and the streakiness almost completely disappeared when it dried.

The dry time was similar to the other one.

Day 4

^^ This was on day 4 (!) and i experienced some tip wear, again on my middle finger – I think it might be because that was the longest nail, or maybe I just subconsciously use this finger the most.

Day 5
Day 5
Day 5
Day 5

^^ This is how it looked on day 5. The wear on my middle finger was extensive now and you could begin to see tip wear on the other fingers as well.

So this one lasted for 5 days, which I think is actually pretty good.

Does it work with normal polish?

I wanted to see if this only worked wonders with the designated polishes or if you could use it just as a regular top coat.


Here I put it over one of the worst polishes I have, one of those that chip really quickly – you can also see how it has weird bubbles in it – and I did half’n’half with glitter polish because I wanted to try that too.

day 3
Day 3

^^ This is day 3, and as you can see, my middle finger was once again the first to go.

Review of the top coat

Oh dear was I annoyed with this top coat! First of all it managed to actually pull off some of the colour underneath when you applied it and the brush quickly became discoloured from the coloured polishes.


To top all of that off, I actually managed to ruin the brush! In order not to discolour the entire bottle of top coat, I wiped the brush of on some paper towel between each application, and without tugging that hard on it I actually managed to rip out the entire brush!


So then I had to take a brush from another polish that I don’t use that often and clean it and use that instead!

The top coat dried pretty quickly but it doesn’t have the shine that regular top coat has, but if I accidentally made a dent on my nail, it actually “bounced” back up!

Overall review

Since then I’ve cut my nails shorter and I’ve tried the top coat over all of my manicures and they have all lasted me pretty long – longer than any of the ones above, even the designated polishes.

I don’t think it can last for as long as they proclaim it to (14 days), but I certainly lasts longer than normal top coat, and when I ran out of normal top coat, I didn’t even bother to go out and buy a new one – I just use this instead and my manicures last double the time.

I would probably buy the top coat again and there are also some pretty colours in the collection that I want to try out, but in my opinion you don’t HAVE to pair the designated colours with the top coat to get a longer lasting manicure – I actually think it worked better with other nail polishes.


One Coat Wonders

Some nail polishes are very pretty, and some are very pretty AND opaque in one coat. I love when you stumble upon one of these polishes, because it makes it much easier to apply and dries much faster. I want to show you a part of my collection and I’ve chosen 6 polishes in my collection that I would call One Coat Wonders.

1. Essie – Mezmerised. This is completely opaque in one coat and the formula is great. Essie Mezmerised

2. Sephora – No. 46 Dangerous. This is actually something in between a one and a two coater. If you put on two coats it does become more opaque, but that covers up some of the beautiful shimmer, so I usually only apply a (very neat) single coat.

Sephora 46 Dangerous

3. Essie – The Perfect Cover Up. This is totally opaque in one coat and like the other Essie colour, it has a great formula that makes applying easy.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up

4. Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum. This is similar to the Sephora polish as one coat shows the most beautiful shine whereas two coats covers it unless in direct sunlight. So for me it is a one coater, but you have to be careful when applying, which might mean that other people would want another coat.

SH Rule of Plum

5. Essie – Watermelon. It looks a little more red in these pictures, but as you can see here and here, it is much more pink in real life.

Essie Watermelon

6. Maybelline Color Show – Nearly Black. Because this is a textured polish it covers up the imperfections it might have on the first coat and therefore it is only necessary with one.

Maybelline Nearly Black


My first orange nail polish ever!

I finally got around to buying an orange nail polish. I don’t think the colour suits my skin tone all to well, but it is practically the only colour missing from my collection, so I had to have one eventually and then there was a sale and.. You know the rest 😉

The one I got is by Sally Hansen called Tahitian Sunset.



It is this muted, kind of pastel-looking orange with an oh-so-slight shimmer that I’ll either totally hate or become weirdly fond of over time. We’ll see which one it is. Now, I don’t know if Sally Hansen is discontinuing this colour or what is going on, but I’ve seen it on sale everywhere recently, so I think that might be the case.